[Liquor License] Little Tokyo's Topless Tokyo

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[Liquor License] Little Tokyo's Topless Tokyo

Post by Tatsuya Sekosawa on Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:53 pm

Owner's Name: Tatsuya Sekosawa
Date of Birth: February 9th, 1977
Phone Number: 2464375
Name of premises: Little Tokyo's Topless Tokyo
Location of premises: Verdant Bluffs (Little Tokyo), Los Santos
((LSRP forum username)): Ralph
Why do you need a Liquor License and how will it be utilized?: The Topless Tokyo gentlemen's club in Little Tokyo has been a fully functional club for approximately two months. Since the grand opening it has held many successful parties usually ranging from 70-100 attendants. We have a fully stocked bar, however the next step of the way is acquiring a liquor license for the premises. The last time my brother, the former owner of the club, applied for a license he was told that we weren't required to have a liquor license at the time. However, now it's apparent that we're required to have one verified by the LSPD, which is why we generally need a liquor license. We want to host parties legally and not cause any trouble, thus our application for a license.

EULA: I, Tatsuya Sekosawa, hereby declare that I understand and agree to the rules and conducts mentioned in EULA, this includes the understanding of the consequences I may face if those terms are to be broken. I also understand that there is no verbal or inscribed authentication or proof of my acceptance of this conduct. This enables me to know that all personnel in the respected firms, bearing the above liquor license are subject to prosecution if these regulations are to be violated.

Tatsuya Sekosawa

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Re: [Liquor License] Little Tokyo's Topless Tokyo

Post by Jim_Street on Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:09 am

Dear Mister Sekosawa,

The LSPD's Department of Licensing has received your application for a liquor license.
After reviewing your application and inspecting your establishment, we have decided that your application has been ACCEPTED.

To receive your liquor license, you may either visit our department lobby at Pershing Square, or dial 991 our non-emergency line to contact a Liquor Licensing Official. Please also make sure that you have the payment of $20,000 available at the time of collection.

Please remember to re-new your license in one months time, or it will be revoked. (April 3rd, 2010)
Head of Department of Licensing,
Lieutenant Jim Street
Los Santos Police Department.

Department of Licensing Head
Department of Licensing Head

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