[Non-Governmental Firearms Application] Sheldon Merital

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[Non-Governmental Firearms Application] Sheldon Merital

Post by Mathman on Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:01 am


1.1) Full name: < Sheldon Merital
1.2) Date of birth: < 23/05/1989
1.3) Sex: < Male
1.4) Race: < Black
1.5) Phone number: 1062749
1.6) Current resident: < Temple
1.7) Current occupation: < Car mechanic

2.1) Past victim experiences: < Robbed and shot at on numerous occasions. Was stabbed in the chest once to.


3.1) Desired license type and model: < Mobile
3.2) Desired firearms: < Desert Eagle.

4.1) Reason for obtaining a firearm license: < I have been in Los Santos for about 5 years. 5 years of nothing but bad luck and misfortune, and on top of that being targeted by gang members and people who just see it “fun” to rob mechanics. Since I have been in Los Santos I have never once went a day without being threatened by someone. People even rob me when I respond to their calls, and the police can’t always respond quick enough to catch the bad guys. For instance , I went on a call in Ganton, the call said he was paying 1000 for a repair , cause his engine was not starting. I went to the call, I got there first so I proceeded to assist the gentleman. While I was under the car examining the engine , I heard something drop on the floor near to me, so I looked to my left, and I saw a colt 45 near to the guy’s shoe. I then rolled out from under the car, and there was a gun pointing and waiting for me, I wasn’t even surprised. The man demanded that I gave him my money and and the keys to my truck. I had no choice but to hand over my belonging to him. As I stood there watching him drive away with my main source of income, I decided that I needed some protection and I wasn’t going to do it the illegal way, because I aspire to become a police officer one day. The main reason I want this firearms license is to protect myself from danger and dangerous people. I want to be able to defend myself properly, because as easy as it may seem, mechanics have quite a dangerous job to. Shooting someone would be the last thing I would want to do put if push comes to shove then I would have to discharge my firearm but not in a lethal way, just enough so that the police can get there in time to aprehand the suspect. Thanks you.
4.2) Where will your firearm(s) be stored: In my holster on me , or in the glove compartment in my tow truck


5.1) Have you ever had a firearm license before:No
5.2) Has your previous/current license ever been revoked/suspended:No
5.3) If yes, state the reason :No

(( OOC information ))

6.1) Are you at least level 4 in game: Yes.
6.2) Did you read and understood EULA: Yes

EULA: I, Sheldon Merital, hereby declare that I understand and agree to the rules and conducts mentioned in the EULA, this includes the understanding of the consequences I may face if those terms are to be broken. I also understand that there is no verbal or inscribed authentication or proof of my acceptance of this conduct. This enables me to know that all personnel in the respected firms, bearing the above firearms are subject to prosecution and removal of your license (justified or unjustified) if these regulations are to be violated.


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Re: [Non-Governmental Firearms Application] Sheldon Merital

Post by Marcus_W on Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:20 am

Dear Mr Merital,

We have received your letter regarding your request of a firearm license, and we thank you for applying.
Unfortunately, your firearm license request has been DENIED.

Reason(s) for your denial are following:
- Not completely stating a proper reason for obtaining a license.

You may re-apply if you want to, but please do not re-apply before the date of 24/4/2010.

Licensing Officer,
Lead Officer Marcus Woodson,
Los Santos Police Department.

Trainee Licensing Officer
Trainee Licensing Officer

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