[Non-Govermental Firearm Application] Memati Carter

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[Non-Govermental Firearm Application] Memati Carter

Post by Memati_Carter on Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:36 am

1.1) Full name: < Memati_Carter
1.2) Date of birth: < 16/07/1986
1.3) Sex: < Male
1.4) Race: < White.
1.5) Phone number:
1.6) Current resident: < Los Santos, El Corona.
1.7) Current occupation: < Mechanic

2.1) Past victim experiences: < Robbed once - Been a security guard in Liberty City, where I'm coming from. - Also got shot twice.


3.1) Desired license type and model: < Mobile
3.2) Desired firearms: < Colt 45 / Desert Eagle / 9mm

4.1) Reason for obtaining a firearm license: <

I'm living in El Corona, Los Santos, also South Los Santos. As you know, it's very dangerous place, because of MC Mongols, Biker Gang and Los Locotes 13. Not for long time ago, my best friend got murdered, his name was Dwayne Carter, And I also got shot twice, in my right leg the same place twice... as I said, dangerous place, need to cover myself, not with pepper spray, but with guns. Anyhow, they're getting guns the illegal way, not to protect themselves, but to make criminal stuff. I'm currently working with Mechanic, got alot of friends, also got a family, We're not even safe when we're walking on the streets, suddenly you hear gun shots, house surrounded' you, you don't know where the sound is coming from, where to run. -by getting this Firearms license, I'm gonna use it to protect my self, then my family. Also got a young boy going to school, High school, most for him, if anything happends to him, I'll die, don't wanna lose my son. By accepting my firearms license application, you'll save me and my family, and make us able to walk on the street without being scared, make my son play on the streets without getting shot, or murdered. All I wish is to get the license, and be safe without any troubles, Please do me a favor and give it please.
As I said, only for me and my families' safety, nothing else, I can also promise I won't abuse the weapon license, trust me I won't.

-Thank you very much by Memati Carter.

4.2) Where will your firearm(s) be stored: Gonna be hided' in my house, a drawer which you need key to open with. - Or in my cars trunk.


5.1) Have you ever had a firearm license before: No
5.2) Has your previous/current license ever been revoked/suspended: No
5.3) If yes, state the reason: No

(( OOC information ))

6.1) Are you at least level 4 in game: Level 4 Soon - Just give me it when I'm 4.
6.2) Did you read and understood EULA: Yes, Im

EULA: I, Memati Carter, hereby declare that I understand and agree to the rules and conducts mentioned in the EULA, this includes the understanding of the consequences I may face if those terms are to be broken. I also understand that there is no verbal or inscribed authentication or proof of my acceptance of this conduct. This enables me to know that all personnel in the respected firms, bearing the above firearms are subject to prosecution and removal of your license (justified or unjustified) if these regulations are to be violated.


(( I'm Sami Ozcan, thought It'll be okay to use the NEARLY same story, just bit diffrent, thanks alot. ))


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Re: [Non-Govermental Firearm Application] Memati Carter

Post by Fahimul_Rita on Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:47 pm

Dear Mr Memati Carter,

We have received your letter regarding your request of a firearm license, and we thank you for applying.
Unfortunately, your firearm license request has been DENIED.

Reason(s) for your denial are following:
- Re-applying before the date given.
- Story telling.

You may re-apply if you want to, but please do not re-apply before the date of 17/04/2010.

Licensing Officer,
Police Officer Two - Fahimul Rita,
Los Santos Police Department.

Licensing Officer
Licensing Officer

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