Non Governmental Application - Travis Vendelta

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Non Governmental Application - Travis Vendelta

Post by Vendelta on Wed Apr 07, 2010 7:33 am


1.1) Full name: < Travis Vendelta
1.2) Date of birth: < 25/12/1989
1.3) Sex: < Male
1.4) Race: < Asain, Chinese.
1.5) Phone number: < 106-1379
1.6) Current resident: < Renting a room in the Jefferson Motel
1.7) Current occupation: < Farmer on Flint County Farm

2.1) Past victim experiences: < I was robbed, once standing outside of the Jefferson Motel, a Cuban man with a Desert Eagle firearm robbed me. Was scared ever since.


3.1) Desired license type and model: < Mobile
3.2) Desired firearms: < Glock 21 (Desert Eagle) Knife, 6 inch

4.1) Reason for obtaining a firearm license: < I just turned 21, I finished college, and I have a good education. When I was in junior high in the 8th grade. The subject of the year for history was, American History. We learned about the Article of Confederation, how it was weak in the National Government. We also learned how the Fathers of the Constitution came to forge a new Government. This Government was forever known as the Constitution of America. Point being, the first 10 amendmants of the United States of America, was adopted from our Fathering country, Great Britain. It states clearly in the second amendment, Quote "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Un-quote. I myself, as a citizen of the United States of America, wish to excercise this right, in every form possible. I was fascinated with Firearms ever since I moved to America, and I one day could wish to have the right to bear them. Also when I was 10 and moved here to America, from Asia, I saw alot of Movies including things like Mafia back in those 1980 things, I guess those movies were still popular. Like most kids, I guess a firearm is interesting to a mind so young and malleable. But unlike most, my lust for firepower remained in my head. When I moved here from China, I was 10, 6 years after, there was a lockdown at my local Rodeo-Way Highschool, turns out someone had brought a firearm into campus. We were on lockdown for 14 hours before the Local Swat finally moved in. Also just a week ago, I was standing at the parking place in the Jefferson Motel, and a man came up to me. This man was about 5 foor 8, and he wore a white shirt, with blue jeans. He looked hispanic mixed caucasian. He had a mask on so I couldnt see some facial features. He came up and told me to put my hands up and DO NOT look behind. Fearing for my life, I complied. He told me to take off my pants, So I did it. He looked around and found my wallet. This man then pulls out a 50. Cal Desert Eagle, and threatens to shoot me. I didnt see who it was, But I felt the barrel of the gun poking my back. He took all my 500 from my wallet. And he jetted off. On this day I feared for my life. I never want that to happen again, I want to be prepared.
4.2) Where will your firearm(s) be stored: < They will be stored concealed in my Jacket, or Car.


5.1) Have you ever had a firearm license before: No
5.2) Has your previous/current license ever been revoked/suspended: No
5.3) If yes, state the reason: N/A

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6.1) Are you at least level 4 in game: < Yes
6.2) Did you read and understood EULA: < Yes twice

EULA: I, Travis Vendelta, hereby declare that I understand and agree to the rules and conducts mentioned in the EULA, this includes the understanding of the consequences I may face if those terms are to be broken. I also understand that there is no verbal or inscribed authentication or proof of my acceptance of this conduct. This enables me to know that all personnel in the respected firms, bearing the above firearms are subject to prosecution and removal of your license (justified or unjustified) if these regulations are to be violated.


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Re: Non Governmental Application - Travis Vendelta

Post by Marcus_W on Wed Apr 07, 2010 7:43 am

Dear Mr Vendelta,

We have received your letter regarding your request of a firearm license, and we thank you for applying.
Unfortunately, your firearm license request has been BANNED.

Reason(s) for your ban are following:
- Criminal Record

You have been banned from obtaining a firearm license, therefore you may not re-apply.

Licensing Officer,
Police Officer II Marcus Woodson,
Los Santos Police Department.

Trainee Licensing Officer
Trainee Licensing Officer

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