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[Non-Governmental Firearm Application] - Moebius Voradori

Post by Moebius Voradori on Tue Mar 23, 2010 5:31 am


1.1) Full name: < Moebius Voradori
1.2) Date of birth: < 11/30/1982
1.3) Sex: < Male
1.4) Race: < Fillipino
1.5) Phone number:105-9861
1.6) Current resident: < Temple, Fellini Road Apartments, Apartment 4
1.7) Current occupation: < Mechanic

2.1) Past victim experiences: < I've been robbed and a couple of people have attempted to steal my truck while working around the poor neighborhoods. There has been times when people would call for service pretending that they need some help but really they're out there to rob you.


3.1) Desired license type and model: < Mobile
3.2) Desired firearms: < Something small for protection, Perhaps a pistol and a Knife.

4.1) Reason for obtaining a firearm license: <
To whom it may concern,
I'm in need of some form of self defense weapon while working as a mechanic in this dreadful city and time. The crime rate has rocketed up the roof in the past few years and its about that time when you need to have some form of weapon on you for safety reasons. I do not really like to take this level of defense in which I must purchase a firearm or weapon that may fatally injure or seriously harm another human being but I value my life and belongings which i've worked hard for. I do hope that the weapon I purchase will never be used and stay inside of the glove compartment. It will be mainly used in a life threatening situation and last resort.

Thank you, Regards
Moebius Voradori
4.2) Where will your firearm(s) be stored:
In the glove compartment of my vehicle.


5.1) Have you ever had a firearm license before: No I haven't. This will be my first.
5.2) Has your previous/current license ever been revoked/suspended: N/A
5.3) If yes, state the reason: N/A

(( OOC information ))

6.1) Are you at least level 4 in game: yes
6.2) Did you read and understood EULA: Yes

EULA: I, Moebius Voradori, hereby declare that I understand and agree to the rules and conducts mentioned in the EULA, this includes the understanding of the consequences I may face if those terms are to be broken. I also understand that there is no verbal or inscribed authentication or proof of my acceptance of this conduct. This enables me to know that all personnel in the respected firms, bearing the above firearms are subject to prosecution and removal of your license (justified or unjustified) if these regulations are to be violated.

Moebius Voradori

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Re: [Banned] Moebius Voradori

Post by Frank_Bullet on Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:31 pm

Dear Applicant,

We have received your letter regarding your request of a firearm license, and we thank you for applying.
Unfortunately, your firearm license request has been BANNED.

Reason(s) for your ban are following:
- Criminal record.

You have been banned from obtaining a firearm license, therefore you may not re-apply.

- Deputy Head of Licensing
Los Santos Police Department.


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