[Denied] Nick Volentio

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[Denied] Nick Volentio

Post by Nick_Volentio on Fri Mar 19, 2010 12:57 pm

From: Nick Volentio

To: City Hall


1.1) Full name: Nick Volentio
1.2) Date of birth: 07/05/1980
1.3) Sex: Male
1.4) Race: Italian
1.5) Phone number: 1058060
1.6) Current resident: los flores
1.7) Current occupation: mechanic

2.1) Past victim experiences: I have been robbed and scammed numerous times. Even on my first day in the city i lost my right kideny. Ever since i have been robbed twice a week at least.


3.1) Desired license type and model: Mobile ((im sorry i dont understnad this part, just left it as it already was))
3.2) Desired firearms: Desert Eagle.

4.1) Reason for obtaining a firearm license: I, Nick Volentio, request the permission from the Los Santos Government and Los Santos Police Deparment to legally possess a conealed Desert Eagle. I wish to legally handle these items for self defence in extreme cirsumstances as time after time i get robbed and threatened at gunpoint. Only today was i robbed within my own home and had no choice but to obey the robber. I swear if i get accepted a license that i will make it my sole duty to allways conceal such a dangerous weapon within my person completely out of sight or securely locked inside my home or car.


5.1) Have you ever had a firearm license before: No, I have never owned a firearm before.
5.2) Has your previous/current license ever been revoked/suspended: N/A
5.3) If yes, state the reason: N/A

(( OOC information ))

6.1) Are you at least level 4 in game: no, 3
6.2) Did you read and understood EULA: Yes


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Re: [Denied] Nick Volentio

Post by Frank_Bullet on Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:34 pm

((Wrong use of template - If you want to apply for personal firearm license, also if this is your first time applying for a license, then wait for the personal firearm license applications to open. This is only for current license holders))


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